• Mindfulness

    Enjoy hours of mindfulness exercises created for listeners of all ages. Each exercise embeds principles of gratitude and creates positive habits.

  • Daily Happiness Question

    Make introspection a daily habit with our Happiness Question feature. This evidence based strategy is proven to make you happier.

  • Parental Guidance

    Alaia helps families promote positive digital device use. It allows families to create incentives, filter content, and set screen time limits.

  • Tasks

    Alaia helps families stay connected and keep track of their busy lives. Create a to-do list for your family and watch them complete tasks to unlock screen time!

Parental Guidance Technology

Parental Guidance

Parents reward positive use of technology with incentives and children earn screen time by completing Alaia’s Tasks and Mindfulness Exercises.

Alaia Empowers Parent
  • Incentivize Screen Time
  • Locate Family Members
  • Website and App Filtering